Fédération de Recherche en Interactions Fondamentales

(FRIF) - FR 2687

A federation of researche is "a laboratory without walls" including several laboratories around a common project. The Federation of research "Fundamental Interactions", (FR2687), gathers three laboratories of Paris-center, the LPNHE (Nuclear Physics lab and High Energies, Director Gregorio BERNARDI), the LPTENS (Theoretical Physics laboratory of Ecole Normale Supérieure, Director Constantin BACHAS) and the LPTHE (Theoretical Physics laboratory and High Energies, Director Benoit DOUCOT). Its activities are focused on the Theoretical Physics and the Experimental Physics of Particles and Astroparticles. An association with the Pulpit "elementary Particles, gravitation and cosmology" of the Collège de France (G. Veneziano) comes to complete this federation, the purpose of which is to increase the exchanges between laboratories and to lead the scientific life, by organizing common seminars, visits of foreign researchers, courses of post-doctoral level and workshops of research. Some of these activities are led in partnership with other laboratories outside the federation, in particular with the laboratory APC (Astroparticle and Cosmology).

These activities are obviously opened to the interactions with the Laboratories of Paris and the Paris region, and more generally province and from abroad. Each is welcome to participate in the activities, by registering when it is asked workshops and courses.

The federation of research FRIF is recognized by the CNRS (National Center For Scientific Research) (FR 2687) and financed by the Ministry of national Education, the Higher education and the Research.

Three grouped UPMC laboratories are:

- Laboratoire de physique nucléaire et de hautes énergies - UMR 7585 (LPNHE)
- Laboratoire de physique théorique et hautes énergies - UMR 7589 (LPTHE)
- Laboratoire de physique théorique de l’Ecole normale supérieure - UMR 8549 (LPTENS)

Supervisions: UPMC (first), CNRS (second).